Monday, October 31

The Decision To Go

You are probably wondering how in the world we decided to remove ourselves from our (very comfortable) Dallas life and sail on a boat for a year.  It all came together this summer when Maggie and Kate were at camp.  Craig and I were talking about our next sailing vacation (summer 2012).  We knew we wanted to go somewhere warm, the Caribbean perhaps.  We talked about a 10 - 14 day trip.  "But if we go that far, maybe we should go longer".  To make a long story short....2 weeks turned into 3 weeks, turned into 2 months and then before we knew it we were talking about taking a whole year off!   If we are going to take a year to sail, then we needed to do it before Maggie was in high school.  YIKES, holy cow batman, that means we have to go next year!  The rest is history.