Tuesday, June 25

Lobster and Whales and Sharks Oh My!

Moving along, continuing north, we motor sailed the next 20 miles or so from Cambridge Cay to Wardwick Wells.  We left the shallow turquiose waters of the lee shore and headed for the deep blue of the drop off where the fishing was good.  Craig set our 4 lines across the back with the teaser in the middle and we trolled.  This was no ordinary trolling day, going from point A to point B in a relatively straight line.  We had time to spare, so we really fished.  What I mean to say is that we chased birds, circled around and zig zagged back and forth until we caught something.  If you were to look at our chart plotter, you'd think we were either indecisive, drunk, lost or all of the above.  In all actuality, we had been bitten by the "fish on" bug and we didn't want to head in until we caught something.  

 We caught another one!  Phew, thank goodness.  Now we were able to go anchor.

Motoring through the cut at Wardwick Wells side by side with Patronus.  

Reese, Bryson and Kate on the bow

 Two little sailors.  We traded Porter for Kate on this day sail.

 Maggie's shadow on the bottom of the sea floor.  That's our anchor chain running diagonally across the photo.

 Towing Craig in the kayak.  Red neck through and through.

 Wardwick Wells anchorage

 Craig and I went on a little walk to find the old plantation...

...this is all that was left.  I can tell you that it was hot and arid.  Not a place I would want to live.

More sharks circling around at feeding time. 

No swimming after 4pm in these parts!

Olivia playing with the kayak in the shallow cove next to our boat

The Exuma Land and Sea Park Headquarters

A 52 foot sperm whale found in the Bahama waters back in 1995

The half moon shape made by the current.  We moved over here to a mooring ball close the the cut exit the night before we left to make a quick getaway.

We saw the biggest lobsters ever just roaming around on the bottom searching for food.  They must have been close to 10 lbs. each.  I think they knew they were in the safe zone of the land and sea park where no one could touch them.

A thumbs up from this snorkeler

Sailing in the shallow waters

Thursday, June 20

Lots-o-Love on Cambridge Cay

We moved to Cambridge Cay, which is only about 5 miles north of Compass Cay.  However, it is the southern most boundary of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park.  This means no fishing but great snorkeling.  We took a mooring ball in the small channel that was big on current.  Unfortunately, it was hard to swim off the boat unless it was slack tide.  What else can I say that sets this apart from any other Exuma Cay?  The water was crystal clear, the sun was bright and the breeze was blowing.  Just another beautiful day in paradise.

Anything Goes being swung by the current

Mother's Day gifts of friendship bracelets, homemade cards, paper roses and a little something from my hubby

This was a tiny, sandy island that the kids raced around

Walking out on the spit of the little sandy island on our way back from snorkeling the Dundes Caves

A huge starfish from under the boat (don't worry, we put it back)

Yummy conch fritters

Enjoying a great dinner for Mother's Day (fresh caught fish of course, spiced pumpkin and bahamian rice and beans)

Kids enjoying their dinner on the bow 

Cutie pie - doesn't she look so grown up?

Love this bunch

Charlie's Angels??

Watching the sunset too

Goodnight Moon

Wednesday, June 19

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Exactly 365 days ago, we left St. Augustine, Florida for our trip of a life time.   

The picture at the top was taken by Escape Velocity on the dock as we left St. Augustine.  The picture below is one year later, taken by Erica in Devil's Cay, Berry Islands.

The Boyer family aboard Anything Goes with our flags from every country we've been (starboard) plus our Salty Dawg flag and the Ocean Cruising Club flag (port).  We are definitely proud!

 Anything Goes alone on Soldier Cay, Berry Islands

We are headed home!

Tuesday, June 18

Keeping up with the current in Compass Cay

Moving north up the Exuma Island Chain, we motored through a winding channel of crystal clear turquoise water to make our way into the desired anchorage.   We were the only 2 boats in the area.  It also happened to be Mother's Day.

View from our boat of the sand bar created by the strong current.

Playing on the beach close to where we anchored.  The kids tried to sail but the current was stronger than the wind and tried to sweep them away.  They had to be rescued and towed back to the boat.

Stargazing with the help of Apps and binoculars on the bow of our boat

The snorkeling in this area was amazing....like being in our own little aquarium!

Angel fish

We took the dinghies around through the surf to check out this beautiful Crescent Beach, featured in Maggie's video.

We had the place to ourselves.  

Endless play time in the water

Beach combing for treasures

Unfortunately and sadly, the windward beaches always show signs of the immense plastic items that get lost at sea that never EVER degrade!  It is a common scene throughout the Caribbean and Bahamas.  I wish there was some other biodegradable product as great as plastic!