Tuesday, June 18

Keeping up with the current in Compass Cay

Moving north up the Exuma Island Chain, we motored through a winding channel of crystal clear turquoise water to make our way into the desired anchorage.   We were the only 2 boats in the area.  It also happened to be Mother's Day.

View from our boat of the sand bar created by the strong current.

Playing on the beach close to where we anchored.  The kids tried to sail but the current was stronger than the wind and tried to sweep them away.  They had to be rescued and towed back to the boat.

Stargazing with the help of Apps and binoculars on the bow of our boat

The snorkeling in this area was amazing....like being in our own little aquarium!

Angel fish

We took the dinghies around through the surf to check out this beautiful Crescent Beach, featured in Maggie's video.

We had the place to ourselves.  

Endless play time in the water

Beach combing for treasures

Unfortunately and sadly, the windward beaches always show signs of the immense plastic items that get lost at sea that never EVER degrade!  It is a common scene throughout the Caribbean and Bahamas.  I wish there was some other biodegradable product as great as plastic!

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