Thursday, June 20

Lots-o-Love on Cambridge Cay

We moved to Cambridge Cay, which is only about 5 miles north of Compass Cay.  However, it is the southern most boundary of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park.  This means no fishing but great snorkeling.  We took a mooring ball in the small channel that was big on current.  Unfortunately, it was hard to swim off the boat unless it was slack tide.  What else can I say that sets this apart from any other Exuma Cay?  The water was crystal clear, the sun was bright and the breeze was blowing.  Just another beautiful day in paradise.

Anything Goes being swung by the current

Mother's Day gifts of friendship bracelets, homemade cards, paper roses and a little something from my hubby

This was a tiny, sandy island that the kids raced around

Walking out on the spit of the little sandy island on our way back from snorkeling the Dundes Caves

A huge starfish from under the boat (don't worry, we put it back)

Yummy conch fritters

Enjoying a great dinner for Mother's Day (fresh caught fish of course, spiced pumpkin and bahamian rice and beans)

Kids enjoying their dinner on the bow 

Cutie pie - doesn't she look so grown up?

Love this bunch

Charlie's Angels??

Watching the sunset too

Goodnight Moon

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