Wednesday, June 19

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Exactly 365 days ago, we left St. Augustine, Florida for our trip of a life time.   

The picture at the top was taken by Escape Velocity on the dock as we left St. Augustine.  The picture below is one year later, taken by Erica in Devil's Cay, Berry Islands.

The Boyer family aboard Anything Goes with our flags from every country we've been (starboard) plus our Salty Dawg flag and the Ocean Cruising Club flag (port).  We are definitely proud!

 Anything Goes alone on Soldier Cay, Berry Islands

We are headed home!


  1. Happy Anniversary! What a great milestone on your adventure.

    I've followed your blog for a while now, and I guess I had forgotten you were from St. Augustine. We're on a road trip right now. Currently in Naples, FL, but went through St. Augustine a few days ago. What a great town it is. Loved the great cross!

    Here's to more adventure!



  2. I will miss all your adventures and beautiful pictures. Thanks for keeping up on your blog - it was a great ride! Smooth sailing home! -Joyce