Monday, June 10

The name's Bond. James Bond.

Thunderball Grotto is the site where 007 himself was filmed in the movie Thunderball.  We anchored right behind it in Staniel Cay.  We had to wait for slack tide to snorkel inside but once inside it was A-MAZE-ING!!   There were secret passage ways that lead to various parts of the cave and underwater holes to swim through.  Someone told us to take some 'fish food' to feed the fish.  I thought that would be fun for the kids, so I grabbed some corn and put it in a baggie.  I threw out some corn and I was immediately swarmed by hundreds of fish.  I guess they had been fed before and they were relentless.  They followed me everywhere and even tried to bite my baggie of corn.  At that moment, I decided the kids didn't need to feed the fish....that many fish would frighten even the biggest of kids.

Look but don't take

Looking up once inside the grotto

The fish were abundant and beautiful!

Oh, hello Mr. Angelfish

This is a real picture taken with Chris's phone. This one's for you, Grandma Sandy! -Maggie

Underwater looking through the hole to get to the outside

Coral of all shapes, sizes and colors

This is an airplane wreck we snorkeled on in very shallow water near the Thunderball Grotto.  There were some cool fish that called this wreck home.

Huge puffer fish (obviously not puffed up)

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