Sunday, June 9

One stop shopping

Dolphins escort us out of the Georgetown anchorage.  It looks like a pool doesn't it?

Sand dollars collected and drying from Sand Dollar Beach

Leaving Georgetown

Spent the night at Rat Cay on the way to Guana Cay.  Craig and Chris went diving for lobster but were unsuccessful.

Sun setting on Rat Cay

Chasing birds.  Where there are birds, there are usually fish.  Sometimes we see the fish jumping out of the water and the birds dive bombing.  It's pretty exciting to watch.

Fishing on the way to Guana Cay

Got one!

Pulling into Black Point on Guana Cay

Black Point anchorage was big, wide and shallow with a completely white sandy bottom.  It was a small town with really friendly people.  Locals drive golf carts instead of cars to get around the small island.  There was an ultimate one stop shop at the waters edge complete with it's own dinghy dock.  If you needed to do a load of laundry, use free wifi, buy fishing gear, eat conch fritters or donuts, browse the souvenirs, get a hair cut or a pick up a few essentials, you could get it all in one place!!  And across the street was a kind woman who baked home made coconut and cinnamon bread.  We devoured both!  It was awesome.  If I ever decide to live in the Caribbean, I will open a similar shop that caters to the cruising boaters.  

The water was unreal!  It looked like a pool.

Liv, Porter and Bryson kayaked to the beach and back

Taking a walk through town

The primary school where we dropped off school supplies Patronus brought from home

Meeting the principle

Cute, colorful houses in town

Driftwood sculpture garden.  As we started to walk around, a gentleman came out of the house and asked us if we wanted a tour!  We said no thanks, we could handle it by ourselves.

You had to see it in person to really appreciate this lovely sculpture

Meerkat, Eel, Snake...what do you see?

Agnus, Kate and Reese

 Agnus lives in the house to the right.  She was weaving plaits from palm frawns that will eventually be sent to Nassau and sold to make hats and bags.  She was very kind and taught Kate and Reese how to weave.  Then she graciously took us into her home and proudly showed us her husbands sailing trophies after she learned that we lived on our sailboats.  The kids were impressed with the size of the trophies, some being nearly as tall as Porter and Olivia.  Erica and I were impressed with how beautiful the woodwork and beauty of her home!  

I think she is ready for some racing

Maggie goes up the mast (her birthday ride)

Liv takes a ride and makes it all the way to the top this time

Maggie takes picture from the top

View from the top

Anything Goes.....Patronus


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