Saturday, March 31

Yo Ho Ho a Pirates Life for Me

Vintage Mega Yacht "Vajoliroja"
Remember those pirates we said we weren’t going to encounter.  Well, we haven’t even left yet and we ran into one.  Yes, I am exaggerating the tale a little.  The story goes like this:  When we were in Florida for our shake down cruise, we took Craig’s mom and stepdad out for an excursion on our boat.  While we were waiting for the drawbridge to open, Craig’s mom snapped a picture of a really cool vintage mega yacht.  It was quite large (measuring 156 feet to be exact) but not one of those super sleek, modern types.  It looked like an old wooden boat in pristine condition.  That was that, but the story doesn’t end there.  On our flight home, the 5 of us were somewhat separated on the plane.  Craig sat by himself across the isle from me.  Next to him sat a couple that had been visiting Florida for the week as well.  They started chatting and as they were comparing notes of sailing and boats, the couple said they saw a cool yacht, different from all the others.  As they described it, Craig said, “Hey, I know that boat.  My mom took a picture of it I think”.   They went on to say that that boat belonged to Captain Jack Sparrow himself, Johnny Depp.  Isn’t that cool.  Sure enough, Craig looked it up and it was Johnny Depp’s boat indeed.   

The name of the boat is Vajoliroja and is available for charter if you happen to have a pirates chest of gold!  It was built in 2001 to look like an early 20th century classic.  It’s name represents the first letters of the names of his family (long time girlfriend Vanessa, Johnny, daughter Lily Rose and Son Jack).
 While we didn’t get to meet the captain himself, we did see his boat and crew.  Close enough??  Maybe not, but I think it may be the closest we get to pirates, so we’ll take it!

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