Thursday, April 26

Packing and Moving

Boxes in the upstairs hall
Items going on the boat
I apologize for the lack of posts lately.  It seems pretty boring to write about what we are doing especially since it's not all that exciting to us either.  It was great fun writing about the trials and tribulations of buying a boat and living aboard for a week for our shakedown cruise.  Now that we have accomplished that, it seems like somewhat of a let down.  We are still very busy gearing up for our trip as well as the end of school chaos.  I have been busy buying school books and supplies.  Thank goodness for ebay and the used book section on amazon.  We have purchased some chart books and guide/travel books, as well as a new grill and stereo for the boat.
Boxes are starting to be piled in corners of every room.  We have boxes that are going into storage and then we have boxes we are taking on the boat.   The girls have started packing up their rooms and we packed up most of the play room and third floor.  We are making progress and they are eager to help, which is great fun for me
Craig built a floor in the other half of our attic so we can store more stuff up there.  We are trying to make our storage needs as little as possible.  We have sorted out movers and found a home for our trampoline.  I purchased our airline tickets to Florida!  Eeeek,'s real, it's happening.....
As I am writing this post, our delivery captain, Dan, is sailing our boat up the coast of Florida.  He has a friend and nephew on board and called to say they caught a tuna!  They'll be eating well tonight.  They should arrive at the St. Augustine inlet at 8 am tomorrow morning.  Once they get to the marina, they will haul it out and the rudder repair can start. 
June is quickly approaching and with each passing day I am realizing that the adventure is going to happen whether I am ready or not.  As I was reading a fellow bloggers post the other day about moving aboard their new Manta, she remembered her dad telling her, as a child, that she wasn't really scared but it's just the anticipation and excitement that fools you into thinking you're scared.  I think that is a perfect way of describing how I am feeling.


  1. LOL. We did it the complete opposite of you: we moved out of our house first, THEN we shopped for a boat. I completely sympathize with the packing and sorting and storing and moving. What a chore!

    Thanks for the honorable mention, but that was Jack. We both write on the blog. I guess it's not easy to see which of us is posting; we'll have to work on that. In any case, I also agree with him. Or rather I agree with his dad. :)

  2. Cool! You’re doing a good job storing your things. You have so many boxes filled with important stuff and you managed to store them properly and securely. Good job. They’re now in a safe and secured place. Well, I assume you and your family already had a lot of adventures, and I’m sure there’ll be a lot more to come. I can’t wait to read more from you!

    Ericka Muldowney

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  4. I don’t find that boring at all. On the contrary, I think your adventures on the boat are quite thrilling and delightful. For one, living in a boat is considerably a peculiar lifestyle, but I think most people would love to try that at least once, given the chance to do so. That being said, please do update us with all your boat adventures. And I wish you all smooth sailing on your move. Don’t forget to always wrap and pack your stuff properly!

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