Sunday, January 27

Pigeon Island

I'm not sure why it's called Pigeon Island, but it's just a mere 6 miles south of Deshaies.  There were no french speaking people unless you count the ones on the day charters that we didn't mingle with.  It is not an island that is inhabited by people - only pigeons perhaps.   However it is a national park and is best known for the Cousteau Underwater Park.  The snorkeling and diving was great, the best we've seen so far!  There were tons of colorful fish, big and small.  Some of them, in fact, swam right up to us as if to say hello.  If you are quick you can actually reach out and touch them.  There was one barrel coral so big a person could get in side of it.

Leaving Deshaies

Sailing down the Leeward (western) side of the island

Sunshine and smooth sailing

Life is like rainbows and unicorns when sailing on a beam reach.

We passed this mega yacht named ICE just as the private helicopter was landing.  I was looking through our binoculars, gawking at the fine spectacle only to find the owner (I presume) looking at me with his binoculars! We both waved.  :) 

One of the dive boats that brings tourists to Pigeon Island to snorkel and dive

Erica sportin' her dive gear.  Craig did a buddy dive with Erica for the first time.

The anchorage across the way from Pigeon Island.  This was a lively beach filled with locals and french tourists in speedos, big belly's smoking cigarettes!

Our french flag

Happy to be playing legos

Reese and Kate writing and illustrating their story

More rainbows in the anchorage

The fruit and veggie truck

salmon grilled cheese and homemade gazpacho for dinner

Finally found some crepes in a truck on the beach!  They could only make one at a time, so you can imagine how long it took to make just our 12 crepes!  Craig, Erica and I enjoyed jambone and fromage crepes - pronounced "crrrrrrrreeeeeeeepe" with a short e sound.  You gotta roll the R and NOT say it like 'crap'.  We, figured out how to say "Bonjure, jambone fromage crepe s'il vows plaît".  So they decided to serve us!

Mmmm good, filled with Nutella

Maggie and Bryson savor their crepes

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