Sunday, March 31

Most Southern Destination!

Grenada, our most southern destination on our journey.  We made it!  We had a fantastic sail from Dominica, logging 200+ miles in a 24 hour period.  That's amazingly fast for us!  We sailed right to Prickly Bay on the southern tip of Grenada.  Trinidad was a short 80 miles further south.  That's how close we were to South America.  Go ahead, take a look at the map, and see just how far away that is from the US.  It's exhilarating to think how far we have sailed.

We Love Dolphins!!

They joined us for a long time, playing in our bow wake

We never get tired of seeing dolphins

Of all the places I wanted to visit in the Eastern Caribbean, Grenada, was at the top of my list.  I read lots of books about other people's adventures in Grenada and I was excited to have my own.  One of the things I remember reading was the approach to Grenada, affectionately called The Isle of Spice.  It was described as though you could smell the spices wafting offshore as one makes landfall.  This was not our experience, but it was beautiful to look at.  Grenada is also the land of exotic flowers and fruits as well as the worlds largest producer of nutmeg and mace.

Prickly Bay is a nice sized anchorage well protected from the trade winds and swells.  The surrounding hills were covered with large homes, some tasteful and some not so much.  Erica and I went ashore to check in and get the lay of the land in search of laundry, trash, market etc.  It's not everyday that one talks about farm fresh eggs with the custom agents.  He was more than happy to bring some fresh eggs the following morning if we needed some!

Our Grenada courtesy flag

Olivia sailing by herself

Coloring, painting and clay making

As we sailed from Prickly Bay to St. George, we passed a sailing regatta

Handsome sailor!

As we entered St. George, this party boat was leaving for a day cruise.  Do you think they could fit anymore people?

St. George in the distance surrounded by lush rainforest

The city of St. George.  Long ago, returning sailing ships would arrive "in ballast" of bricks that were then used to line the streets and construct the old brick buildings.  It is a reminder of the profitable journeys of the outbound vessels, loaded with rum, spices and fruits.

This is how they roll ...when doing the dishes

Our rock star dish dryer!

No need for a shopping cart when you can use your head!

Looking towards the harbor from atop the hill that leads to the market

Looking down the other side toward the market

Spice necklaces!  

Locally made jewelry

Buying fruits and veggies at the market

Down by the waterfront

Steel Drum Academy

Enjoying Grenada's Independence Day fireworks from the boat - anchored outside St. George Harbor

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