Sunday, May 27

School is OUT!

Kate stands proudly next to our decorated car
Kate and her teacher Mrs. Thompson

In our district, the 4th graders are the big kids on campus and move up to the intermediate school for 5th grade.  We have many traditions to celebrate this rite of passage.  One of them is having your car decorated in your honor.  Since Kate is not actually going to MIS (McCulough Intermediate School), I thought it was fitting to wish her Bon Voyage!  If you look closely, there is a picture (the best I could do with window paint) of Kate in her sailboat that says "Anything Goes".   Congratulations Kate!

So the end of school is here.  Do I dare say finally?  I don't want to wish my children's lives away, but this  is a huge milestone for us.  We have been telling everyone we are leaving "when school gets out".   I can't believe we are here already!   

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