Tuesday, May 29

Tick Tock

Simply put:  Time is running out!  It’s getting down to the wire.  Eeeek!  Less than 2 weeks now.  We are plugging away, going down the list one by one, trying to keep our heads above water.  Who am I kidding, it’s actually more like mayhem or random hits on the list, but we are getting it done.  We have so many lists in fact; I can’t keep the lists straight or even remember where I put ‘the’ list.  I have hand written lists, lists on the computer, lists on my phone and Craig has 4 lists of his own.  I need a list just to keep all the lists straight! 
Thank goodness my mom has been here for a week helping pack boxes, finish the restoration job on the patio furniture (why did I start that again), spend time with the girls and help me remember more things that need to go on the LIST!!
On the bright side, though, we are making great progress.  There are more boxes piled in each room.  Closets and drawers are empty.   The garage is empty and neatly packed in the attic.  We have secured two storage units and movers.  Maggie’s braces came off.  Doctor appointments have been completed.  The repairs have begun on the boat.  The trampoline has moved to it’s new home.  Sounds impressive, huh.  Somehow, the list is still very long with so much to do.  How will it all get done, you ask?  Are you biting your nails yet, cuz mine are all gone…long gone.  Well, it doesn’t ALL have to.  Really, the number one priority is to make sure the boat is safe and sailable.  The rest can get done along the way.   That sounds easy enough, right?!  Here is yet another list of the priority items that will make our very first passage a safe one:
Buy Satellite phone
Buy tethers and harnesses for kids
Buy charts for the east coast (need one more)
Buy 2 batteries and install
Buy pelican box (fire/waterproof/floats)
Check out wind direction indicator – fix or replace
Order and replace seacock
Paint propellers
Investigate plugged lines to macerator pump
Install smoke detectors/carbon monoxide (4)
Replace hailing port stickers
Replace steaming light
Change zincs
Change engine oil/fuel filters (buy spares)
Unpickle water maker
Replace bulb in compass light
Practice man overboard drills
Make a map of where emergency equipment/medical kit/boat repair stuff is
Teach kids how to call for help on the radio and sat phone

There is no rest for the weary folks!  We are proud we have come this far in such a short time span.  Let me just put this into perspective for you.  This takes some people/most people, years to accomplish what we have accomplished in less than a year (10 months to be exact).  Big smile here!

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