Sunday, June 17

Timing is everything

I don't have enough time in the day to get all the postings I wanted to get written and get ready to leave on our first ever long passage.  So, instead, I will give you the low down of what is going to happen and then I will play catch up later.  So it might seem like we are going forward and then backwards again.  I tried to post Maggie's video tonight but it said it was blocked for some reason.  Stay tuned for that....

This past week has been another whirlwind of activity.  Instead of packing, we are happily unpacking.  It's like being in a new house, only smaller, waaay smaller.  It's like going back to your first apartment but with a husband, 3 kids and all their 'stuff'.  But I am not complaining.  It was a beautiful sunny, warm - not too hot, kind of day today.  Every other day has been interrupted with a huge thunderstorm and was sticky humid and hot.  Again, I am not complaining.  There has been a plethora of things happening to the boat - either by us or by the St. Augustine Marine Center.  It's hard work getting a boat ready for a life at sea.  There are lots of new systems to get up and running - like the all important wifi connection! 

Our captain, Dan, is arriving tomorrow and we are planning to leave on Tuesday.  This is, of course, if the wind cooperates and changes to anything without the letter "N" (which means winds out of the north).  If we can't start our passage, we could go up the ICW (inter-coastal waterway) until the weather window is just perfect.  Say a prayer, cross your fingers, stand on your head....whatever it takes so we can be freed from the dock.


  1. Hopefully you'll very enjoyable journey.

  2. Dallas weather left your casa alone... No damage. See txt msg. bb

  3. Sounds wonderful! Kisses all around!