Tuesday, June 26

Virginia Beach

It has been a relaxing day here in Virginia Beach, anchored on Lake Wesley, while we wait for our weather window to open again.  The temperature was a cool 68 this morning with wind blowing from the north.  Craig and Dan got the dinghy motor cleaned up and working again.  Yesterday we ended up rowing our dinghy back to the boat because there was water in the fuel.  Row, row, row your boat.  Not!  Craig had to come rescue us in the kayak.  It didn't help that we had little helpers named Kate and Olivia.
Today I took the girls around the corner to the beach to play in the waves.  We had quite a bit of drama when the waves were breaking over the back of the dinghy and flooding the boat, as we approached the beach.  A nice man helped drag it up the beach.  All the while I was wondering how in the heck we would manage to get it back in the water!  It's funny now to think back on the debockle we had getting it back in the water, complete with me up to my waist in the water (no swimsuit, mind you).
We are planning to leave tomorrow morning for the last leg of this passage, with the final stop in Rhode Island.  We'll be in touch soon.

Virginia Beach

Olivia and Kate enjoying the kayak

Playing in the ocean!

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  1. VA Beach waves can be rough...be careful!

    We arrive in RI August 1 st. Looking forward to seeing the entire family!