Sunday, July 28

Full of Hope

Hope Town is just about one of the cutest towns in the Bahamas.  It's located on Elbow Cay which is a boomerang shaped barrier island to the mainland of Abaco.  I think our guidebook said it's where New England meets the Caribbean.  The quaint town is oozing with charm around every corner.  There are no vehicles, just golf carts.  The streets are narrow, lined with a rainbow of tropical colored cottage each adorned with a unique name.

Elbow Reef Lighthouse

Built in 1863, the lighthouse was the most recognizable landmark in the Abacos.  We were told that it was one of the last kerosine lit lighthouses in the world.  Unfortunately, we were skeptical because the last time we were told that about the Matthew Town lighthouse, it turned out they had converted it to an LED light.  We climbed the 101 steps anyway and were pleasantly surprised to see the kerosine lamp inside the Fresnel lens.  It is lit daily at dusk and the 4 ton apparatus rotates every 15 seconds.  Today, the Elbow Reef Lighthouse is still sending out light, rated at 325,000 candlepower.

 Chris and Craig had an uncanny ability agree to meet somewhere and discover they were wearing the same colors or even the same shirt (yes, they both own the same shirt purchased in the BVI's).  "For the summer look, they are dressed in khaki shorts and matching orange t-shirts.  An easy, comfortable look that can accessorized with a hat and flip flops."

 101 steps to the top

View of Hope Town harbor

 A playground!  It was a great way for the kids to pass the time while the adults wondered around town.
 A local art gallery

 The sculpture park

Atlantic ocean side of Elbow Cay

We were bracing ourselves for a sizable storm to blow through the Bahamas.  We pulled up anchor in Marsh Harbor with the intention of anchoring outside Man-O-War Cay.  However, it was not a well protected anchorage for the potential 30 knot winds.  Elbow Cay was right next door with much better protection from the elements.  

 Kate making soup for dinner on a stormy night

 Maggie and Liv make the biscuits

Finally, we celebrated Erica's birthday aboard AG

Check out the lizard checking in at the Lizard Lodge

 Waterfront church

 Our street name in Dallas

End of the road

Cute as can be

Elaborate gingerbread trim

 The Wyannie Malone Historical Museum

We tried twice to tour this museum on two separate occasions, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  Finally, Erica marched over to the store across the street with determination and inquired about its hours of operation.  She was told it was run by volunteers and they don't always show up.  Erica insisted and essentially begged for her to call in a volunteer so that we could view a piece of their history.  The store owner was a little annoyed but found us a volunteer to open the doors.  

 Flying kites on Tahiti Beach - the southern end of Elbow Cay.  The storm left much debris on the beach but it didn't stop us from having fun.  We even saw the comedian, Carrot Top, walking hand in hand with his significant other.

 Super shallow water makes for a safe play area

 Kate tries her hand at climbing a coconut tree.  What you don't see is the rash she got by hugging the tree trunk on the way down.  Ouch!

 Tahiti Beach view from our boat.  We spent 2 nights at anchor here in this quiet part of Elbow Cay.

 The girls found a fort amongst the trees on the beach.

Hours of fun

 View from the top of the fort

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