Tuesday, July 30

Green Turtle Cay

Green Turtle Cay is located in the "Abaco Outer Islands", which really means the islands surrounding Abaco itself.  It was named for the abundance of green turtles that inhabited the island.  I emphasize the past tense because we did not see an abundance of turtles or any turtles for that matter.  I'm just saying.  The island was founded in the 18th century and today only has about 450 residents.  We spent one night here in Black Harbor attached to a mooring ball owned by Donny's Boat Rentals.  The total bill was a whopping $10 and if we had ordered up internet, it would have been $11.  What a bargain.  We hailed the shop on the VHF before entering the teeny tiny, narrow, not to mention shallow entrance to make sure there was room for us.  The last thing we wanted to do was get in there and find out we couldn't turn around.  Donny said "no problem".  As we approached the mooring ball, a guy, presumably Donny, hollers from the nearby dock "need any help picking up the ball?".  No thanks.  Then we tried to secure a mooring ball for Patronus and suddenly I became the mediator between the two.  Finally, Donny went out in his dinghy, dog and all, to lead Patronus to their mooring.  Phew, glad that was over.

Local fisherman

We took a dip in the water at this little beach

 Colorful lunch spot

 cute and colorful, all street signs should look like this

We took a walk around this very small town.  Unfortunately it was Sunday and nothing was open.

 Except the free Memorial Sculpture Garden

Reading about the loyalists, a good lesson in history, standing in the blazing hot sun.  

 Pineapples Bar  - seaside with a pool.  They served up two for one rum punches.  Hard to pass that up.

 Kate pointing out that Reese had a birthday coming up

 Swingin' on the beach

Thunderstorm across the bay

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