Friday, January 13

And the Work Begins....


Now that the boat buying process has begun and will take another several weeks for the boat to be  "officially" ours, we have much work to do.  We must start compiling a list.  I love lists!  I can't function without a list.  I have lists all over the place and take great satisfaction in crossing things off my lists.  Here is a list of things that need to be repaired, replaced or added to our boat:

  • Replace Knotmeter paddle (located at the bottom of the hull and records our speed through the water)
  • Replace and Reseal Through hull fittings and ports
  • Replace or Fill Broken bolt in stb hull swim ladder
  • Repair or Replace Shorepower cord
  • Replace salon starboard forward window that is cracked
  • Replace Wind generator broken blades
  • Repair Tachometers
  • Replace Port engine key switch
  • Repair or Replace Electric bilge pumps in auto mode
  • Add Fuses to all wires at Port engine start battery
  • Repair or Replace water heater 
  • Repair Starboard hull hand bilge pump
  • Repair or Replace Starboard engine alternator
  • Replace Salon GFCI outlets (2)
  • Recertify fire extinguishers
  • Add Ships Bell (USCG requirement)
  • Replace any corroded hose clamp below or close to the waterline
  • Replace kinked hose in port shower drain pump inlet hose
  • Clean out Racor fuel filter bowls and housings
  • Adjust big hose clamp on port engine muffler so it’s on the metal end fitting
  • Tune up battery terminals on both start batteries.  Replace wing nuts with regular nuts and washers.  
  • Purchase spare watermaker membrane and plenty of prefilters
  • Cap off unused hose at outlet of air conditioning circulation pump just forward of stb engine
  • Install “gravity discharge overboard valve” on stb holding tank
  • Purchase pare hanks for jib
  • Fix leak in hydraulic boom vang ram
  • Shim boom vang to mast bolts to remove excessive play
  • Replace Tides Marine Strong tack on mainsail luff 
  • Replace the missing foredeck light
  • Service winches.  Clean and grease both winches on the cabintop
  • Consider getting an AIS receiver and chartplotting software for your laptop/I-pad
  • Repair broken rivets holding stb bimini top nonskid plate to bimini frame

This is just the beginning.   We asked the seller to complete some of these tasks and Craig will do the rest.

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