Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year!

It's a new year and an exciting one for us.  We have 6 months until the end of school, which means we have 6 months to get the plan into action.  Now that the holidays are over, we will hit the ground running! I have to admit that we are feeling a tad bit overwhelmed with all that has to be done before we can set sail.  Here is a sampling of our to do list:
Buy a boat
Secure boat insurance
Decide where to store the boat
Figure out how to get it up to Maine
Outfit the boat (equipment necessary to live aboard - this is a long list in and of itself)
Read, read and read some more
Attend our offshore cruising course (January)
Attend the Chicago boat show (January)
Homeschool research
Lease our house
Pack up the house and move it to storage
Pack and ship items that are going with us
Store cars (or sell the cars)
Send Schroeder (the cat) to California to Grandma
Test sail over spring break (if we buy a boat before then)

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