Tuesday, January 3

We Found a Boat!

We are happy to announce that we have found a boat.  Her name is "Emerald".  I am a little hesitant to share the news because it's not totally and completely a done deal.  However, we are going to Miami this weekend!  We leave Saturday morning.  The boat will be waiting for us in Key Largo, FL.  On Sunday we are going aboard for a thorough look, a test sail and then if all goes well, we will have a survey done on Monday.  Our heads are spinning out of control trying to get all the paperwork together.  It is a lot like buying a house and then complicated by the holidays.  You need pre-approval from the bank (if you are borrowing money - which we are - borrowing a little, as to not drain our savings).  This is a process in and of itself.  Then we also have to find insurance for the boat (which has to be offshore insurance, not just run of mill insurance).  This is more difficult than you would think because we don't actually own the boat yet, but just like a house, they want you to have it "in place" when the deal is sealed.  We are learning so much from our Broker, Pete.  He has been walking us through this process, much like a realtor would.  We are grateful to him and his vast expertise.  Below is a picture of "Emerald" underway.  She is a 40 foot Manta Catamaran.  Hopefully we will get to call her home soon!

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