Wednesday, February 13

Love at First Site

Dominica, The Nature Island.   WOW!  Let me count the ways in which we fell in love with the most flawless, beautiful island we have ever seen.  We had an easy 20-mile sail from the Les Saintes to Portsmouth Harbor on the northwest side of Dominica.  We were quickly anchored and reunited with our friends Bob and Christine on s/v Virginia Dare (Salty Dawgs) and of course s/v Patronus.

Leaving Les Saintes, looking forward to Dominica

Let’s see if I can paint you a picture and modestly try to describe how undoubtebly special Dominica is.  First, let me tell you what Dominica is NOT.  It is not miles and miles of white sandy beaches lined with palm trees and tall high-rise resorts catering to your every whim, overflowing with camera carrying clueless tourists.  I know, I know, we fit that description to a tee!  There is a time and place for that type of beauty and most of us have experienced it one way or another.  Dominica is different.  Dominica, Portsmouth in particular, is not big on modern conveniences but they are huge on natural beauty and wonderfully friendly people.  We were geniuenly touched by the outwardly friendliness of literally everyone in town. 

Approaching Portsmouth Harbor, just beyond ......

Dominica is unspoiled beauty with a preserved culture unmatched by anywhere we have ever been.  There are 365 rivers on the island, one for each day of the year.  There are 300 miles of trails that are a true nature lover’s dream.  The breathtaking vistas, waterfalls and rushing streams are, well, breathtaking.  The volcanic peaks and rainforest canopies rival the inner beauty of the people who live in Portsmouth.  We were greeted and welcomed with open arms as if we were long lost relatives.  It didn't take long for us to begin to feel like locals during our 2+ week stay.  The local people asked us frequently how we were enjoying their island.  It was an honest question that we whole-heartedly gave an enthusiastic answer of “we love it”.  The people of Portsmouth are very proud of their island, culture and heritage and have a deep respect for it.  They understand the value of the resources and way of life it provides.  It is passed down from generation to generation.  It is an understated and humble way of living, that is so simple and refreshing.

We loved that everywhere we went; in our dinghy, a taxi, a tour bus, a local shop or walking down the street, we were always greeted with a wave, a smile, a honk or a “good afternoon”.   

View of Portsmouth Harbor from the south side.  There were boats from the US, France, Germany, Norway and England that filled the harbor.

Olivia paying the customs officer

View from the road, looking out to sea

Rainbows-o-plenty in the Caribbean

Another gorgeous sunset in the Caribbean.  And, yes, we do see the green flash every once in a while!


  1. You've convinced us! It's on our list. Isn't it funny how very different every island is in terms of how they welcome you -- or not? Do I sense a pattern with the French?