Friday, February 1

Parlez-vous français?

Pointe a Pitre was only slightly easier to get around with our limited french.  Maybe it's because we had lightened up a bit, maybe we learned a few more french phrases or maybe the people were a little more tolerant and patient. Once again we were bewildered by the guidebook description.... 'leave your dinghy at the old fishing pier to explore downtown'.  This, of course, was not as obvious as we thought a fishing pier ought to be.  What we found was a cement wall barely 6 inches out of the water with rusty rings to attach the painter line to (and lock).  There was a fishing boat, meaning one, and a decrepit parking lot with rusty cars and random boats without trailers.  Is that what he meant?  Do you think it's okay to leave the dinghy here?  You bet.  We locked it and went on our merry way.

The parking lot near the dinghy dock - if you could call it that.  

part sculpture, part mural

Making a bee line to restaurant row to eat some lunch cuz we were huuuunnnggrrryyy.  

Interesting sculpture in the park across from our lunch spot

Just like the beer we had in France - served in a large goblet!

 pretty fancy water glasses

surprised to get a 'runny' egg yolk in her ham, cheese and egg crrrrrrrreeepe.  Kate made friends with our waiter and the crepe maker, who taught her some french words. 

Enjoying a little gelato in a french country - go figure

Market square - there were ladies selling spices, fruits and vegetables.  They lured you in like a fish on a hook.  How do you say 'just looking' in french??

Downtown Pointe a Pitre is a little like walking in china town in NYC

Fabric and clothing stores galore 

Traditional Guadeloupe clothing

Nice dress but interesting mannequin

A little creativity being expressed.  Maggie wondered if it was illegal to paint the walls (aka graffiti).  I said that I didn't know what the laws were, but that he was doing it in broad daylight in front of everyone, so perhaps it's allowed.

Maggie's art

View of the anchorage with 2 very large cruise ships docked near downtown

As we were leaving Pointe a Pitre, we tried to race to the entrance of the channel to beat this cargo ship.    We were sadly turned around by the poh-leece.  Darn ship, who does he think he is?  You can see Patronus moving out of the way.....

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