Sunday, February 3

Market Day

On Saturdays, Pointe a Pitre has an open market where residents sell their fruits, vegetables, fish and crafts.  I definitely wanted to experience a bigger market full of fresh food.  We were craving native fruits and veggies ever since we left the US.  I wanted to taste a ripe and juicy mango, papaya or pineapple.  I wanted to make caribbean cuisine made with callalou (like spinach) and taro (a starchy vegetable like a potato).  My mouth started to water the closer I got to the market.  I was so excited, like a school girl on the first day of school!  The people at the market, mostly ladies, were helpful in telling us what was displayed in front of us, let us taste the various fruits and even offered recipes or advice on how to cook their native vegetables.  I was in heaven.

Approaching the market - ohhh goodie!

Look at the those avocados...puts Haas to shame!  This lady also sold nutmeg, ginger, spice (cinnamon bark) and unsweetened cocoa hand formed into a log (used to make a chocolate tea)

oranges (look more like limes), eggplant, carrots, cristophine and cabbage

Inside the market

Pineapple and grapefruit

The tomatoes were devine!!

Can't remember the name but it tasted and had a texture like a very tart apple

Mangos, limes, papaya and sorrel (red flower in front) - used to make a cold spiced drink much like we make iced tea

My partner in crime

Beautiful displays

Flavored rum - Guava, Passion Fruit, Punch, Spice etc. etc.

Lots of spices

Fish being sold right from the boat

A conch shell blowing demonstration

They add a mouth piece on the end so it can be used as a horn

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