Saturday, April 20

Grenada, Part Two

After the carnival celebration, we had to travel south to Grenada one last time.  Maggie needed to take her algebra semester exam at a University, proctored by a professor.

Leaving Sandy Island, miss cool sits and watches the world go by

Sailing past Gouyave, Grenada

St. George University (medical and veterinary school) where Maggie took her exam

How many people can say they arrived at their college campus by dinghy?

Maggie is ready to take her final exam.  She got an A by the way!! 

Liv bakes a cake on valentines day

We spent the day at Grand Anse Beach

The finished cake, ready to be devoured

We pampered ourselves with a massage on Valentine's Day.  All the massage therapists at the Soothing Touch Massage Clinic were blind.  They became blind at some point in their lives for one reason or another.  The clinic teaches blind people to be massage therapists.  What a great program and the massage was out of this world and only cost $30 for 1 hour of pure bliss!

Enjoying a great lunch at Umbrella's.  That's a 'Love-tini' I am drinking in honor of Valentines Day

Pretty view with pretty girls

We hopped on the local bus the next day headed for Mt. Carmel Falls.  We weren't sure where to get off and as we were discussing it on the bus, a very nice lady said we should have gotten off the bus "back there".  Swell.  We asked the driver to stop and let us out.  We then had to back track.  Along the walk, we heard a familiar cream truck music.  We turned around and sure enough, there was the ice cream truck.  We all enjoyed a little cup of ice cream to cool us off.

This is where we should have asked the driver to stop.  Oh well.  As it turned out, we met a nice young man who walked us along a trail (instead of the road) that lead to the lower falls.  That's where we met Ricky and his family having an afternoon swim.  We shared the pool and had fun sliding down the rocks.

This is the lower fall, Basse Falls

Olivia slides down the rocks

Ricky slides down head first....crazy man

Everyone watching the crazy people sliding down the rocks

 Mt. Carmel Falls

Ricky takes Kate under the falls

Ricky's family, ready to go home

Fishing boats in St. George waterfront

The Merry Bakery

Delicious homemade goodness

Election day was approaching and the political parties were out rallying

Good night Grenada

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