Tuesday, April 9

Make a splash

After we learned all about the herbs, spices, plants and fruits at Laura's Herb and Spice Garden, we ventured into the rainforest for a dip in a refreshing pool formed by Concord Falls.

On our way to the waterfall, we had this view of St. George Harbor

Concord falls is the first of 3 waterfalls in the Concord Valley

Ready to take a dip

Ginger Lillie's

Craig jumping into the 18 foot deep pool

Swimming under the falls

Chris, Reese and Kate

Kate taking a leap

Olivia jumping from a lower spot

View above the falls

 Cute little shops outside the falls, selling locally made products

As we returned to St. George, we witnessed the boys school out for a run.  It was hot and a pretty steep hill...these boys were in good shape!

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