Saturday, April 20

The Grenadines, Union Island

Union Island is part of the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines which lie north of Grenada.  It is a small island, filled with charm and friendly people.

Sailing into Clifton Harbor

Tranquil turquoise water surround Happy Island (built by one man out of conch shells)

Kite surfers gallore

Local fisherman relaxing in their boats

Nurse sharks in the pond by the marina

which way do you want to go?

Clifton town center

The locals who sell their fruit and veggies are so helpful and very knowledgable.  I could tell them I wanted a pineapple to eat right away and then another to eat in several days.  They know exactly which one's to pick.  Same with grapefruit or melon or just about anything I wanted.  It was wonderful.

The kids hanging out while we buy produce

Lots of fruit stands to choose from

Playing under the trampolines on our boat

Ya Mon!  Painted outside the music store

This sweet man made us 2 custom discs of the most popular reggae music

These young men played at a local restaurant every night.  

We told the kids that we would give them $5 if they went up and asked if they could play the drums. Of course, Kate was all over that!  The joint was empty, so it was no big deal.  

Can you guess what this is??  As we were walking into town, we came upon these guys butchering a cow on the side of the road.  Yep, you read that correctly.  A COW!  On a piece of plywood, in the blazing sun, on the side of the road.  They asked us if we wanted to buy some.  Ummmm, no thanks.  The story goes that if your cow is found off its leash, roaming around, it can and will be shot.  The owner is supposed to be contacted and offered the dead cow.  Somehow I don't think this cow belonged to them.  But who am I to pass judgement?

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