Monday, September 30

Oh wait, there's more

Well, the last post was about our 'last night' together.  I neglected to tell you that we spent much of the following day together because Patronus wasn't actually leaving until 2pm.  That gave us ample time to drag the goodbye's out even more.  We spent the day taking more pictures, playing and swimming with s/v Cascadura and trying to ignore the countdown.  When it came time to separate and go our own ways...that's when it got real.   There were many tears shed and it was literally heart and gutt wrenching.  It was incredibly hard to watch Patronus sail away.  It was even harder to watch them sail away with Cascadura.  We felt a little betrayed, like we'd lost our best friend to a new friend in town.  We talked and sang and cried on the radio until we no longer had a signal.  We waved and took pictures until they were tiny dots on the horizon.

Jumping off the back of AG

 One for the road

Trying to get Porter to smile for the last group photo

I warned you there were tears

AGP group hug

 Cascadura went first

 Erica blows the conch shell as they sail past us

 Olivia steers us on our own course

 Look out girl


  1. You are killing me.

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