Thursday, September 26

One More NIght

"I've learned that goodbyes will always hurt, pictures will never replace being there, thanks is a feeble word, memories forget the hard times, words can never replace feelings, and heroes often go unsung."- anonymous

This was it, folks.  The time had come to say goodbye for who knows how long.  We stayed together as long as we possibly could.  We changed plans, manipulated courses, yielded to the weather, all in an effort to prolong the inevidable.  This would be our last night together with our buddy boat, Patronus.  Or should I say the Conway family?  It's kinda funny that we call each other by our boat names and not our last names like landlubbers.  We all knew it was coming.  We joked about it, trying to push the feelings and tears aside.  It was surreal.  We weren't going to see them in the next anchorage or on another island somewhere in the Caribbean.  We weren't going to chase each other in circles catching fish or hail "AGP" on the radio or race ashore in our dinghies side by side.  We weren't going to be checking in and out together or search for the local market or laundry lady.  We weren't going to hike up any boulders or swim under a waterfall or snorkel with the tropical fish.  We weren't going to share meals together or play cards or make painkillers (or dark and stormy's).  We weren't going to swap kids, share the ups and downs or pitch in on boat repairs.  It was time.  But not before we had one more night together.  We shared a feast with fine wine (in glass) and a few practical jokes (paper towels, wink wink).  We savored every minute, committing it to memory.  We dreamed up all sorts of solutions and crazy scenarios to avoid having to say goodbye, this one last time.

 Cheers!  Skol!  Salute!

 A beautiful last sunset together

 You can't have a goodbye without a cake!

They look so happy.  What an awesome bunch!

We definitely had a desire to meet other families sharing the same dream; bobbing around the big blue ocean, in a sailboat.  We never expected to meet a family and make such a connection.  We all became fast friends.  It was easy.  That fateful day back in September as we were passing by Martha's Vineyard and recieved a phone call (we still had our cell phones) from captain Dan, telling us that Patronus was in Vineyard Haven.  We abruptly changed course that afternoon and our trip forever changed in ways we'll never know.  If you'll recall, as I walk down memory lane, we met at an ice cream shop there on Martha's Vineyard.  That would be the first of many ice cream cones we would share together.  The kids walked two by two along the sidewalk and danced and sang in the courtyards between the boutiques.  Erica and I hatched a master plan to have the boys take the kids for a little excursion so we could sneak in a little shopping time.  Again, this would be the first of many such scenes.

We took countless pictures and shared even more.  Below is one last 'photo session' documenting our last night together!

 Six girls adorned with matching bracelets

 Bonds that will never break

 Like Minds, Like Hearts

True Friendship 

 Cute as can be

 One Love

One Heart


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  1. I have loved reading your blog...I just came across it tonight while sitting with my 12 year old who is studying for her PADI test tomorrow morning here in St. Martin. Our family of 4 (12, 9, 6, 4) just started this same journey in July from Florida for almost the same reasons. :) We look forward to meeting other boating families to enjoy the experience with....and wish out paths had crossed as your sense of adventure every day with your kids seems so in line with ours!!!