Monday, September 17

Huntington Bay, NY & Kate's Birthday!

Yesterday was Kate's 11th birthday!  She celebrated with chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and opened presents.  She did some school work (I know, we are cruel) and then went up to the top of the mast!

Assembling her new kite

Getting ready to go up the mast

She  made it!

She went to the beach to fly her new fancy kite, but the wind wasn't strong enough.  The girls played on the beach for a while and then Craig gave them rides on the kayak behind the dinghy - kinda like an inner tube - but not really.  We finished off the day with dinner and a strawberry shortcake cake from Sono Baking Company!

Isn't it beautiful?!

Cutting the first slice!

Maggie towing Liv in the sailboat

Our protected side of the beach - Long Island Sound on the other side

You know you're a redneck when you pull a kayak behind a dinghy!!!

Favorite Olivia quote of the day:  When Kate reached the top of the mast, Craig asked her what she could see.   Olivia said "can you see God?".   Ha Ha Ha, kids say the darndest thing!

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