Friday, September 7

Jewell Island, ME

We reached Casco Bay where Jewell Island lies northeast of Portland Maine.  As we turned the corner to enter the anchorage, we were surprised at how small it was.  There were already several boats tucked inside the narrow horseshoe shaped anchorage.  It was so narrow that we nearly kissed the rocks on one side to drop the anchor and then had to make sure we didn’t put out too much scope or we would end up on the rocks on the backside.  Luckily the bottom afforded great holding.  It was a nice spot to be for a couple of days.
Almost a full moon over Jewell Island anchorage

The quiet anchorage

As we (when I say we, I mean the girls) study US History for school, we were excited to learn that a German submarine was spotted off Jewell Island in 1942 during a period when Casco Bay was alive with military activity.  Thousands of troops were stationed on Maine Islands as the US Government took over.  Jewell Island was used as a lookout post for both WW1 and WW2.  It was one of ten islands that guarded Portland Harbor from attacks.  Remnants of those days are still present on Jewell Island today. 
The first lookout tower we came upon

A view from the tower; notice the boat masts near the tree line

Would it be wrong if we left the girls here??

Craig's Angels!

Flashlight in hand, ready to enter the tunnel

"Danger" signs were not going to stop us!


WWII pill box

Island of misfit lobster pot buoy's

The trails on Jewell Island were fun to hike with traces of military storage buildings, barracks, towers and tunnels around nearly every corner.  Camping was allowed on the island and the campsites were the best that we have ever experienced; right on the waters edge!  We longed for our tent and a campfire with s’mores.  The wild yellow flowers were plentiful and grew taller than we were in some places (especially Olivia).  Monarch butterflies, hundreds of them, were attracted and flew in and around these flowers.  Each time we walked threw a meadow of yellow flowers; the butterflies would fly all around us.  It was the most beautiful site to see!

Awesome campsite, right!?

Monarch Butterflies

Beautiful foilage

On the other end of the island, we walked to the Punch Bowl.  At low tide it revealed a huge tide pool.  We timed it just right to see what sea creatures lie just under the surface. 

Punch bowl tide pool

Calm tide pool separated by rocks from the windy channel

On a hunt 

Escargot anyone?

Liv's baby crab 

Craig's crab

Kate finds mussels (we didn't eat them)

Our favorite Olivia quotes of the day:  
While looking down a hole in one of the decrepit buildings, Olivia asked “They had juice boxes back then??”

At the end of the hike, back on the boat, Liv said "My starboard leg hurts"

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