Friday, September 7

Leaving Maine

Regrettably we only spent 3 weeks in Maine.  It wasn’t nearly long enough.  We left with a feeling of wanting more, just like the end of a great vacation.  There was so much more to explore but we simply have somewhat of a schedule to keep and had to get moving. 
We departed Jewell Island in search of provisions in Portland.  We dropped the hook in the harbor and Craig took Maggie and I to the town dock so we could walk to Whole Foods.  We didn’t stay in Portland long, not even for the night.  We went up the way to a cove on Little Chebeague Island for a quick getaway in the morning.

Portland Harbor

Portland harbor lighthouses

Fort Gorges in Portland Harbor

Sunset as we leave Portland

We had 70 miles to travel to our next stop; Rockport MA.  We had originally planned to stop a few more times on the way south, however, we had a good weather window that was too short for multiple stops.  The night before, we got the boat ship shape; stowing the sailing dinghy on the trampolines, putting away and securing anything that might roll or fall, preparing food and snacks, laying out our life jackets etc etc.  At 5 am Craig and I were up to get the coffee started and wait for first light.  We were not about to head out in the dark and run the risk of hitting a lobster pot buoy.  The wind was just starting to ripple the water in the cove we spent the night.  As the sun was rising, we headed out under sail.  There was a parade of boats out to sea that morning.  We were 5th in line with two more boats behind us.  It was pretty fun (and comforting) to see all the boats on the move together like a pod of dolphins.  It was a very long day by the time we arrived in Rockport, MA at 5 pm.

Sunrise over Chebeague Island as we leave Maine 

The Blue Moon high in the sky as the sun comes up

Cape Elizabeth 

Our little friend that joined us for a rest far, far from land

Rockland, MA. is a unique and authentic New England town.  The cottages, businesses and Inns were all intermixed and resembled a picture right out of an old fishing tale.  Doorways and windows were adorned with overflowing flowers; locals and tourists walked the sidewalks and streets.  We were up early in search of Brothers Brew coffee shop for their infamous donuts!  Every seat at the counter and small tables for two were occupied by visitors enjoying their morning cup of joe with a sweet treat.  We took ours to go and found a bench by the beach that overlooked the harbor where Anything Goes was anchored.  We marveled at how our boat sat nearly motionless as the monohulls rocked back and forth from the incoming swells. 
Rockport city beach - our boat is anchored out there

Craig's maple bacon donut 

No one will bother these guests at this Inn

We were still under the spell of a decent weather window, so we reluctantly had to leave this cool town and continue to Nantucket.  

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