Friday, September 14

Martha's Vineyard

It's approximately a 25 mile sail to Martha's Vineyard from Nantucket.  We accomplished this in a days time.  As we set forth from Nantucket, our plan was to stop for the night and continue on to Long Island Sound.  This decision, of course, was based on the unforgiving weather.  Tropical storm Leslie was offshore and may or may not have affected us in the islands.  We wanted to leave in case the wind kicked up or big swells prevented us from getting to Long Island Sound.
We dropped the sails and motored into Edgartown Harbor, the east side of Martha's Vineyard.  The anchorage was shaped by a large semi circle, surrounding beach exposed only to the north.  As the sun was shining in a cloudless sky, the light breeze and sun warmed our skin.  Once anchored, we put the dinghy in the water and headed for shore.

Entering the harbor

Edgartown lamp posts adorned with geraniums

The beach where "Jaws" was filmed

Martha's Vineyard was named for its bounty of wild grapes by the first European known to have visited in 1602.  Edgartown was overflowing with grand white Greek Revival homes that were owned by the ships captains'.  Fanlights and widows' walks are a sharp contrast to the weathered cedar shingled homes on Nantucket.  There is a sense of easy, down to earth living on Martha's Vineyard, that suits us.

The old whaling church

Edgartown book store

Cannonball Park

As it turned out, the weather was in our favor and we could stay a few more days.  The wind would be ideal for sailing on Monday morning.  So we headed for the beach to play.

Lighthouse Beach

Seashell names

Perfect day to fly the shark kite!

It rained on Sunday morning....

What better to do than watch football on the computer - Go Lions!

We were very excited to learn that a family we had been in touch with only via e-mail (way back last year no less) was also in Edgartown.  Finally, we would meet in person.  We had practically followed in their footsteps, leapfrogging each other as we sailed New England and Maine.  We made arrangements to meet at Mad Martha's ice cream shop (imagine that).  The Conway family is also out for a 1 year sailing adventure.  They have 3 kids aboard their sailing vessel 'Patronus'.  It sort of felt like meeting up with old friends. Even though we had never met, we knew about them from following their blog (as noted in our blogs we follow section).  The kids got acquainted while playing music on the jukebox while the grown ups talked about the trials and tribulations of the trip so far.  We compared notes and talked about the future route we would each be taking as well as the health and well being of the kids, boat school, boat equipment and repairs.  We had such a great time walking around the downtown area, the kids played in the rain and eventually we walked up to Atria for dinner to enjoy 2 for 1 burgers.  Kate and Reese were like two peas in a pod, completely in sync with each other.  Olivia and Porter were like old buddies walking side by side on the sidewalk.  Maggie and Bryson, both the oldest, didn't let that stop them from playing and having a good time.

2 avid readers pose with the avid reader statue

Reese, Bryson, Kate, Maggie, Olivia and Porter

Playing on the tree swing at the restaurant

Walking through town

After dinner we walked back to the harbor to watch the annual striped bass and bluefish derby participants get their fish weighed.  For 67 years this fishing derby has brought out the competitive nature of these friendly townspeople.

Young, old and everyone in between lining up to get the official weight of their catch

Fillet station:  The dock is brought in special for this occasion.  They cut the fish open to make sure that no weights or rocks etc. have been placed in the gut (which apparently happened a few years ago).  The fish fillets are then donated to the islands elderly.

Olivia and Porter eyeing one of the 2 grand prizes (the other prize was a truck)

Erica Conway, me, Craig, Mary (Chris' stepmom) & Chris Conway

We had such fun meeting and getting to know the Conway family.  We are excited and looking forward to seeing them again in Annapolis for the boat show (along with our other cruising friends on Escape Velocity) and then hopefully down in the Caribbean too!

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  1. Fun pictures and interesting info on Martha's Vineyard. I hope we get to go there. We are currently outside of Niagra Falls, heading for Maine on Monday. We just met a young family at the campground we are in who are doing something similar to what you are doing only they are in a 5th wheel trailer with 4 kids, ages 2,4,6,& 8 (and expecting a 5th child!) and are going around the country. I told them we have friends doing something similar but on water. Keep up the great work on the blog!