Wednesday, February 29

It's Official!

It's official people.....Anything Goes is ours!  WE OWN A BOAT!  As the girls would say "OMG".  Owning a boat is a big deal to me and Craig.  We have always wanted to own a boat.  We plotted and schemed and dreamt of owning a boat at some point or another.  Sometimes, it was as small as a laser sailboat or as big as a 32 ft day cruiser and everything in between, including a ski boat .  And look at us now, we own a 42 foot catamaran.  Wow!  I have to say, we are quite pleased with ourselves.  We can hardly believe it.  I think we are in a state of shock, disbelief maybe.  We are thrilled to have arrived at this point in our journey.  It feels a little surreal because we can't go out back and stare at her like a shiny new car.  It's even more surreal to me because I have never seen her in person or stepped foot on her.

I will let you in on a little known fact about me and Craig.  We work really well as a team and for that, I am extremely thankful.  It may take us a while to get there, but once we make a decision and put our minds to it, we go full steam ahead.  This boat purchase is just another check mark on our to do list, albeit a rather large check mark.

We have made a couple of other decisions as well (check, check).  First, we have decided to keep the name "Anything Goes". We took a family vote and though it was not unanimous, we agreed that the name was a keeper.  Second, we have a place to store our baby until June.  We will sail Anything Goes from Ft. Lauderdale 80 miles north to Stuart Florida over spring break.  There she will wait for us at Hinckley Yachts (boatyard/marina).  She will be kept in the water at a dock and will be very well taken care of by the dock master.

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  1. Way to go! Looking forward to the spring break pictures