Sunday, February 19

We Bought a Boat, Part II

It's official.  We have 'accepted' a boat!  We are buying 'Anything Goes'.  She's ours!  Yippey, Hooray!!  We couldn't be more happy to have this part of the journey complete.  We close on February 29th.
If you remember, we mentioned that Craig was going to Florida to check her out.  He went last week, on Valentine's Day.  He witnessed the survey and a very brief test sail.  All in all, she is a beauty.  The survey came back with mostly minor issues.  Most of which we will fix ourselves or with the help of the current owners.  We will all get a chance to see her over spring break in March.  We can't wait!
To see the full specs and more pictures, go to "our boat" page above.

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  1. Many many congratulations! We're so excited for you, and our fingers are crossed that we find ours soon.