Friday, February 24

Time is marching on

Time is marching on.  A little too quickly, I might add.  Can one feel panic and calmness at the same time??  That is precisely how I am feeling.  On one hand I am anxious because we have just about 3 months before we go.  But on the other hand, I feel unflustered and under control.  Perhaps I feel this way because we have accomplished some really big items on our checklist.  Buy a boat, check.  Secure boat insurance, check.  Attend offshore cruising course and Strictly Sail boat show, check, check.  
However, we still have so much more to do.  We still have to decide where we will store Anything Goes until June.  In the immediate future, she will stay in Ft. Lauderdale with the sellers.  Over spring break, we’ll spend a day or so with the sellers going over the boat systems and learning all about Anything Goes.  We’ll stay at Bahia Mar Resort, in the marina, on our boat.  Insert huge smile here!  The beauty of this strategy is that we’ll have full access to the resort and can use the pool and beach side amenities.  I am hoping this will offset the boring part of ‘working’ on the boat for the girls.   Our goal is to get a little sailing in and then deliver her to her ultimate storage location until June.
In all likelihood, leasing our house is the next biggest hurdle we face.  We met with our realtor and discussed all the details.  She assures us that we can lease it without a problem.  I hope she’s right!   I keep telling myself that this is the one last detail that will or should I say could stand in our way of attaining our dream.  If we could just get this behind us, I think I will feel better.
Some seemingly smaller details we need to check off the list are finding a moving company and storage space for all our furniture.  Figure out what to do with Craig’s car and find someone willing to sail up the east coast with us.  If we have any hope of finding a good renter, then I have some gardening and painting to do as well.
One more complicating component is the fact that Kate is in 4th grade.  This means, in our school district, they are “promoted”.  They don’t call it graduation, but it’s a graduation.  Makes perfect sense, right?!  The 4th graders move from the elementary school to the middle school.  But what this really means is that there is a plethora of 4th grade activities that take place between now and the end of school.  Good for Kate but bad for mom and dad!   Add that on top of trying to pack up the house and figure out logistics of how we are going to pull this whole thing off! 
After writing this post and breaking into a slight sweat, I have decided that there is a lot more “anxious” and less “calm” going on here.  As the wise cruisers would say, Go with the flow.  We will just keep plugging away, one day at a time!

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