Monday, February 20

What's in a Name?

“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  -William Shakespeare

When we started shopping for a boat, of course we were more interested in the condition, equipment and layout, and less concerned about the name.   However, the name of a boat is important.  After all, for most boat owners (including ourselves), the boat represents a dream or a passion.  So the name usually has personal meaning and one could argue that it helps define who we are and what we enjoy.

Our new boat comes to us with the name “Anything Goes”.  It’s a nice name and we may decide to keep it.  It’s easy to understand and say over a radio, which is important for a sailing boat.  The original owner’s named her that, though we don’t know their personal story.  We are the third owners of Anything Goes and the current owners hail from New Zealand.  If we keep the name, we’ll definitely have to remove the hailing port and replace it with Dallas, Texas. 

Once we put our first offer on a boat, naturally, we started thinking of a new name.   And when we realized the scope of our adventure, the name Outward Bound sounded like a great idea.  It seemed appropriate since we met there and it was truly a great adventure with a happy ending. (Craig and my mom came up with that name independently almost at the exact same time.)

Some people would argue that renaming a boat is bad luck.  To counter the bad luck there are many ceremonies and rituals that can or must be performed in order to keep the boat and its crew out of harms way.  We are not known for being the superstitious type, but when it comes to our (boat) home and safety of our family, we’ll definitely air on the cautious side and perform whatever the ancient gods want us to. 

At this point, we have yet to decide if we will keep her name or give her a new one.

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