Sunday, November 4

Pirates and Ghosts and Statues, Oh My!

The clouds finally parted and the sun came out for the first time in nearly a week.  What a sight for sore eyes!  It was Halloween and there was dressing up and trick or treating to be done.  We had dinner aboard Anything Goes with our friends on Por Dos.  The kids got dressed in their costumes and off we went in true cruiser fashion.

Lady Liberty gets her make up on

The headless ghost (Alec) gets his eye holes cut in  place by dad (Mark)

One of the many decorations made by the kids

The gang ready to go.  Police officer (Olivia), Pirate (Maggie), Statue of Liberty (Kate), Captain (Roan), Headless ghost (Alec)

We went to visit the boats of the Salty Dawg rally, but no one was home.
Hmmmm, where could they be?

So, we visited other boats in the marina

Everyone was happy to see the kids.  Some were prepared with candy and some were such great sports about scrounging up something to put in their bags!

Even the mega yacht found some treats

Aaahhhh, we found the Salty Dawg crew in the bar!  

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