Wednesday, November 21

We Made It!!!

The good news is we made it - in 11 days, in one piece and safely!  The bad news is our computer broke the second day out.  Unfortunately, a cup of water was spilled.  So while I can use the I-pad to post, we can't load pictures from our camera.  We will keep you updated on our computer disaster.

Sorry to those of you who may have worried because our spot didn't show steady progress.  We were pressing the button everyday - I promise!  Come to find out if the Globalstar satellite is not overhead, it doesn't register.  In the future we will leave it on longer in order to catch the satellite.

We ended up coming straight to Virgin Gorda to join the Salty Dawgs at the Bitter End Yacht Club.  We are truly in paradise, reunited with friends.


  1. Congrats! (And get yourselves the camera adapter for the iPad. Works great!) Cant wait to hear the details.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Boyers!! So happy and grateful to know that you have safely landed!! Miss you this Holiday, but very glad to know you are in Paradise!! Sending you love! Cari, Chris, Malia, Kennedy, and Lizzy!

  3. Also, the spot tells you when it has sent the message. You just can't turn it off until you get the confirmation. Took us serval readings of the instructions to figure that one out.

  4. Woohoo!!! You really had us Ryans on pins and needles. Thank you to Erica for allieviating our distress. Now you guys get busy and relax!

    Patrick, Susan, Ingrid and Ava.

  5. Yeehaw - well done!! nothing beats Thanksgiving in the tropics! We are insanely jealous and wish were still out there to join you. PS - cold and VERY wet here in Seattle-surprise!
    Denny & Rennie & the Salt & Light Crew!

  6. Arrival in paradise - what a wonderful thing to be THANKFUL for! We loved watching your progress on the map and are such novices didn't notice that the "spot" wasn't moving so much. Without a computer - how will you do all your school work? 6 month school vacation? Miss you all. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving dinner on the boat. xoxo The Frigulettos