Friday, November 9

Warm weather, here we come!

Today is the BIG day.  We are leaving Hampton, VA. at noon and sailing 1500 nm to Tortola, BVI!  We are soooo excited to finally be at this junction of our trip.  Let alone the warmer weather.  This cold weather we have experienced this past month was just plain NOT FUN!  We are anxious to shed our multiple layers, hats and foul weather gear.  We are READY!  The boat is chuck full of provisions stowed in every nook and cranny.  The projects are done.  The food is cooked and ready to eat.

From this moment on, we will no longer be reachable by our cell phones.  They have been turned off.  We will be completely unplugged from the US.  While we are sailing south, we will be out of contact via e-mail as well.  As soon as we make landfall and have wifi again, we will post a message, which will be your clue that you can send an e-mail.

But don't fret, you will be able to follow our progress on our 1500 mile journey a couple of ways.  1.)  You can go to our 'track us' page and view our SPOT, which is real time.  We will update it every 12 hours or so.  2.)  You can track our progress with the Salty Dawg Rally.  Hover over "Fall Rally" at the top, scroll down to "Follow the Fleet (GPS)".  A map will come up and all the boats with SPOT trackers will be on the map.  This is not a race and there are many different types of boats sailing....big, small, monohulls, multihulls, slow comfy boats and fast big boats.  Everyone is leaving at different times, so we will be spread out on the map.

This journey will take approximately 10 days, sailing 24/7, no land in sight out on the ocean blue.  Our course will take us almost as far east as Bermuda and then south to the BVI's.  This route will take us  about 500 miles offshore.  If we have fantastic wind, our trip will be shorter.  Conversely, if the wind dies, it will take much longer. We can not motor the whole way, so we will most certainly be at the mercy of the wind.

Wish us luck, we'll catch up from a beautiful sandy beach in the BVI's!!


  1. Our thoughts are with you!! I'll be watching your Spot Tracker!! LOVE YOU, Cari

  2. Good luck guys and be careful! Looking forward to continuing to follow your blog.



  3. Today is Tuesday, and the Rally GPS shows you right in the middle of the pack! Good place to be! Looks like you have had quite a bit of strong winds! Thinking about you out there....hope you are seeing lots of beautiful stars at night, and the dolphins are enjoying your wake during the day!
    Love you, Cari