Friday, November 2

A Fish out of Water

We greeted Craig's parents on the boat in Hayes, VA where we hauled the boat out of the water at Holiday Marina to do some maintenance on the starboard sail drive.  The seal had a leak and needed to be replaced.  These things happen with normal wear and tear.  We were lucky to find out about this yard from our Manta owners group.  It is a no-frills yard, but we had the place to ourselves and the staff was excellent and helpful.  Not to mention budget friendly!  We were also anxious to see what damage, if any, was done trying to cut the crab pot line.  And there was, indeed, a multitude of long deep scratches in our bottom paint.  Bummer.

She sat in the sling for 4 hours to complete the work

Paul and Craig worked on the sail drives, replaced the seals and changed the oil on both sides

Repainting the prop.  We also repainted over the scratches on the hull from the crab pot removal.  The only problem was, we only had white paint and our hull is black.  We didn't want to leave it status quo, so we painted it white.  It now looks a little like Shamu the whale.  Oh well.

Washing off the 'yellow mustache' and scum growing at the water line

Going back in the water

Maggie maneuvers the boat to raise the anchor.  Usually my job, but Kate and I drove grandma and grandpa's car to Hampton so everyone else could sail the boat down.

Sandy driving....she's a natural

Dolphins!!  Tons of them, swimming in and out of the bow and in our wake

View of the Hampton College performing arts center at anchor in Hampton VA.

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