Friday, November 9

Salty Dawgs

What's a Salty Dawg?  It is a rally for cruising boats.  What's a rally?  A rally is essentially an organization that helps boats get from point A to point B, usually covering a great distance, together as a group.  Sometimes a rally is a race and sometimes it is just for fun.

We have joined the Salty Dawg Rally this year to get from Hampton, VA. to Tortola, BVI.  The Salty Dawg Rally is in it's second year with 50+ boats.  Not too shabby considering they had 33 boats last year.  Bill and Linda Knowles, along with their Jack Russell Terrier, Brie, organize this amazing circus of activity.  I don't know how they do it, but it awe inspiring.  Check out their website to see all that we gained from joining.

Conducting a science experiment

 baking soda, vinegar and shaving cream

Result:  A Soapy Volcano

 Life raft safety and deployment seminar from Winslow Life Rafts

Getting a view from inside the life raft

Provisioning at Costco

 Craig and Mark (Por Dos) replacing the rear main seal

 Mark's better side : )

John, friend sailing with Por Dos, holds a 'class' for the kids on bird watching

Kate and Alec (Por Dos) getting ready to fly her kite

 Olivia's homemade sailboat made from plastic bowls and spoons
Fixing our zipper on Marta's machine

Ready to Go!!  Por Dos and Anything Goes headed for warmer waters.

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