Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Before Hurricane Sandy decided to show up to the party and tried to put a damper on halloween, we got into the spirit of things.  The girls made decorations to put around the boat and grandma and grandpa brought 3 pumpkins from Michigan to carve.  Enjoy the video of the pumpkin carving marathon at Holiday Marina (where we hauled the boat for maintenance).

She looks way too happy to stabbing that poor innocent pumpkin

Everyone's working hard

Liv's pumpkin

Kate's "murdered" pumpkin

Maggie's pumpkin

A poem by Kate

Halloween is on a dark, dark night
Filled with kids and costumes, jack-o-lanterns light the night, the streets all aglow.
Flashlights finding scary faces on the dark, dark halloween night
Candy filled up to the top of bags and bowls and pillow cases
Goblins, vampires and so much more
Witches, fairies, and ghosts galore!
It's getting dark, there's a blur of faces as all the children race home
Now halloween's over and all the children are safe in bed
With treats beneath their heads

Kate's creation using modeling clay

Pictures below taken by grandma at dusk

The sun is shining today and there will be trick or treating tonight for our little goblins!! Brrrrr.

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  1. Wow. Maggie has some serious talent!