Friday, October 12

That's a wrap

November 1st is when our insurance company says we can venture south of 31 degrees North.  We plan to be in Virginia towards the end of October to haul the boat out and spend some time with Craig’s mom and stepdad.  We may try to get to Beaufort NC to spend Halloween with Full Monty and Patronus.  Then we will wait for our perfect weather window to head across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas.

Before we set sail to the clear turquoise waters, we have a mighty long checklist of things that need to be accomplished.  Acquiring boat parts and spares are far less expensive in the US rather than shipping them to far off foreign ports.   No, we do not have a crystal ball, so you can imagine what a daunting task this presents.  Trying to figure out what we might need or want somewhere down the line if something breaks or quits.  This list is pretty representative of things that need to be done or at least order the parts so these can be completed in the coming months.  In no particular order.....

Recertify life raft and MOB module
Rebuild port head
Fix both toilet seats
Clean/repair/rebuild macerator pumps - these grind up the holding tank sludge and allows us to dump overboard while at sea
Replace both head plumbing - once they start to smell, the only relief is to replace
Replace starboard sail drive seal - the boat has to be hauled out for this
Change both sail drive oil - easier to do when boat is out of the water
Replace the rear main seal – an engine thing
Send wind generator in to be looked at
Repair gel coat on bow by anchor
Replace diesel fuel cap
Reseal around hatches
Check holding tank vents - can do this when the boat is out of the water
Replace jib sail fitting - broke on our sail south from NYC
Replace bridle fittings - for anchoring, lost at sea
Purchase water maker filters
Patch jib sail cover and life raft cover – thankfully Craig’s mom is bringing her sewing machine
Purchase paper and electronic charts for our future travels
Fill prescriptions
Purchase courtesy flags of the countries we plan to visit
Purchase remaining fishing gear
Maggie’s Algebra final exam (first semester)
Purchase back up drive for computer
Provisions for favorites, hard to get or expensive items – food and paper products
Ship home books and belongings we don’t need anymore
Purchase sling seat parts
Replace lazy jack pulley
Cancel cell phones
Cancel dental insurance
Purchase DAN insurance

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