Sunday, October 28

Washington DC, Part II

We spent a packed 3 days with the Ryan's, going to as many places as we could.  Craig and Pat even got some boat projects crossed off the list.  The Ryan's generosity didn't end there!  They booked a second hotel room so ALL the girls could have a sleepover and gave Craig and I a night to ourselves.  We enjoyed that very much!!  Thanks again.

Maggie's panoramic view of the WWII Memorial

A couple of spy's.  I swore to secrecy not to reveal their true identity.

Walking around town with the Ryan's

Hangin' out on the boat

Just as soon as the Ryan family left on Sunday afternoon, a couple of Craig's partners came for a brief visit.  They were in town for the annual Anesthesia conference.  What a coincidence!

Craig's partners, John and John (and John's wife Susan)

And just as soon as they left, we had a visit from our neighbors in Seattle, whose daughter used to babysit the girls.  They are incidentally doing what we are, but in their RV, and our paths happened to cross in DC.  How cool is that!

Joyce and Ernie

The BEP was so cool, watching money being printed

Air and Space Museum

The Smithsonian Castle

Street performer

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