Wednesday, October 24

Washington DC

Another fun filled week of sightseeing and good friends.  As we rounded the last curve of the Potomac River we caught site of the Washington Memorial and the Nations Capitol off in the distance.  We motored past Fort Washington and then under the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge.  The sun was bright and the air was crisp.  We pulled into the Capital Yacht Club, topped off our water tank and hosed her down before dropping the hook in the anchorage.  The CYC could not have been friendlier, giving us a tour of their facilities that included free showers, 5 washers and dryers and a bar!  DC and all the sights were conveniently located within a half a mile from where we were parked.  Awesome!

The following day we were greeted by our friends, the Ryan's, from Nashville.  Pat and Susan have twin girls, Ava and Ingrid, that are only a couple of months younger than Kate.  Pat and Craig were roommates during undergrad.  We had soooo much fun playing in DC and spending quality time with the Ryan's.

Ingrid, Kate, Ava

Walking to our first museum

Looking in one direction down the mall toward the Capitol

Looking the other direction toward the Washington Monument.  We were a bit disappointed with the shabby state of the grass on the mall.  It was not as green and lush as we anticipated!  

Museum of Natural History

The White House.  It seems everyone received the memo to wear pink!

A view of the back yard without the bars

The front yard

Pat, Ava, Ingrid and Susan

Eatin' dinner on the boat

The Jefferson Memorial

The Washington Monument

The Capitol - view from the top of the Old Post Office building tower

"The Spy Trio" (visited the International Spy Museum)

A nighttime view

Having fun on the carousel

The Lincoln Memorial beyond the Reflecting Pool and the WWII Memorial in the fore front

WWII Memorial - Seattle, Washington is where all 3 were born

Craig's home state of Michigan.  Each state had 2 wreaths, one on each side for contributing to the war effort.  One wreath was made of wheat and the other bay leaves.

Abraham Lincoln sits 19 feet tall and 29 feet if he were to stand (as if that would happen).  

Attentively listening on our free DC on Foot tour

The Vietnam War Memorial

The Korean War Memorial - the 19 soldiers in this field are reflected in the black granite wall (next picture) to make a total of 38 soldiers that represent the 38 months they were at war.

The black granite wall with sand blasted images of soldiers and people impacted by the war.

Pat reading Lincoln's inaugural speech engraved on the wall of the Lincoln Memorial

Ok, folks, blogspot has informed me that I have reached the max for pictures.  I have used up my free 1 GB of space.  Now I have to choose between paying for more space or switching to some other format.  I am thinking about converting our bloodspot to an actual web page.  Please stay tuned for an update and more pictures of Washington DC......


  1. The mall is not so green because it's open to just about any use... volleyball, soccer, picnicing. Keeping it lush and green and retaining the broad public use would be nearly impossible. Instead of changing to a webpage you could just take down your older videos - I bet that would definitely free up some space.

    Miss you so much!! xoxo - The Frigulettos

  2. We are battening down the hatches here in New England; the boats will have to sit around for most of this week; best of luck on the track of the storm. AND STAY PUT ! Washington.... awesome. My kids loved it when we visited DC and your photos take me back; of course your kids went there by boat. What a great extra !!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Bill McKay

  3. Enjoyed all your pictures of DC! Hoping you are in a safe harbor from Sandy the Hurricane! - Joyce

  4. Put a PayPal donate button on here and we can all pitch in for more space for pictures!
    - your IT friend