Thursday, October 4

Birds of a feather, flock together

We mentioned at the beginning of our trip that we were definitely in the minority cruising New England in a catamaran.  We would get these long stares from boats passing by as if they were looking at some kind of phenomenon, fingers pointing and quiet conversation between them.  Remember the song from Sesame Street “which one of these is not like the other?”  We saw maybe 4 or 5 catamarans all summer, and seeing the same one twice doesn’t count. 

As November quickly approaches, the cruisers and snowbirds are heading south.  Recently, we have only met one boat heading north, home to Halifax.  When we stopped in Port Washington, we saw more cats than we'd seen all summer and then a few more by the time we left.   Holy catamaran, where were did they all come from?

I don't really know the answer to that question.  However, I can assure you they are making the yearly migration to the Caribbean like birds flying south on autopilot.  We think it’s funny how all of sudden everyone is moving in one direction with the same goal of getting to warmer climates.  It’s as if there is a grand exodus.  Here is how the conversation goes:

“Nice boat, where ya headed?”
“Thanks, we’re going to the Caribbean (or Bahamas or just south)”
“How about you?”
“When are you leaving?”
“Sometime in November”
“How about you?”
“What path are you taking”
“Don’t know yet”
“Not sure, gotta wait and see what the weather window is”
“Maybe we’ll see you down there”
“Good luck”
“Thanks, you too”

And here we are at the Annapolis Boat Show, the largest catamaran show in the world (and monohulls too).  We are feeling quite at home in our new found flock!

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