Tuesday, October 9

We're at the Spa

We are anchored in Spa Creek, Annapolis, Maryland.  If you have been keeping up with our spot tracker, you'll already know that we have been in Annapolis for the past week and a half.  We arrived in plenty of time to scope out a comfortable spot in Spa Creek for the Annapolis Boat Show.

Passing under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Arriving in Annapolis

The Navy is watching us yet again....we just can't seem to shake them 

This is the first time since Maine that we are spending more than a few days somewhere.  It has been really nice to relax and get to know the place, even though it feels like we just got here yesterday.  Spa Creek is a stone's throw from the downtown Annapolis waterfront.  Every street that dead ends at the water, in this neighborhood, has a public dinghy dock.  How cool is that?  It's surrounded by beautiful homes with perfectly manicured lawns, shrubs and trees.  The green leaves on the trees changing to vibrant red and orange is evidence that fall is on its way.  The days are warm and the nights are cool.

Our view in Spa Creek

A bird enjoying the morning sunshine

We have caught up with new friends and reunited with old ones.  How does one distinguish between old and new when the timeline is only 3 months old?  Anyway you look at it, it's been great fun exchanging stories, talking about boat projects and future plans with fellow cruisers.

They look way to happy to be leaving without any parents!  Maggie driving Kate, Olivia, Justine and Colin (Full Monty) to the park.

The kids accompanied Jenny and I to the laundromat.  Here they are entertaining themselves by playing soccer with a water bottle cap.  

We celebrated Craig's birthday in true cruiser fashion, with a potluck at the park.  We met 2 other Manta boats, What if (another kid boat) and Sangaris, in the area and invited them as well.

Kate, Liv, random girl, Maggie Derek (What If), Colin and Justine (Full Monty)

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday to Craig

Playing games with Bryson, Reese and Porter from Patronus

Salty Dawg Rally rendezvous with Chris and Erica from Patronus

One of our fellow Manta owners put together a dinner for all Manta owners that were going to be in Annapolis for the boat show.  Four of us sailed our boats here, the remainder flew in and left their boats at home.  We have an amazing group of owners that share information through an exclusive e-mail forum.  We are indebted to them for their expertise and willingness to help!

The Great Tooth Hunt:  at the park looking for Porter's lost tooth on the ground

All the kids playing games - inside

Grown ups outside

The cold front was on it's way....getting chilly

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  1. What fun!! Looks like a great party for Craig's birthday. Sorry we couldn't be there to help ya'll celebrate!