Friday, October 12

Baby it's cold outside

I think that’s a title to a Christmas song, if I’m not mistaken.  But it seems appropriate because it has suddenly turned cold!  It seems mother nature got distracted and realized it was time for a season change.  In one fell swoop, it was unpleasantly cold.  Living on a boat when it’s 40 something degrees in the morning and a sunless 55 degrees during the day puts a damper on our fun.  We were happy as could be snug in Spa Creek, enjoying the fall sunshine and warmth.  Then we got slapped in the face with a cold front that sent temperatures plummeting and everyone inside, closing the hatches tight behind.

We do have a heater on board and it does work, however we have to run the generator to do so (or be plugged into shore power).  The oven also makes a great heater as well.  So, we have done a lot of baking; bread, biscuits, casseroles, cookies and muffins.  We are all going to get fat if this cold weather keeps up.  The only problem with these scenarios is we can’t do either one of them at night while we sleep.  It’s so cold that the girls are wearing hats and jackets to bed and sleeping all 3 in one bed to keep warm.   Craig is my personal heater, but even he had to put on a t-shirt.  We play rock, paper, scissors to see who gets out of bed to start the coffee.

Today the sun is shining, which brings a smile to my face as well as a little extra warmth.  We are really looking forward to heading as far south as we can, as quickly as we can.  

Donut muffins...mmmm good

All bundled up and ready to go ashore

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