Tuesday, August 7

Familiar Faces

Good Friends are like Stars.  
You don't always see them, 
but you know they are there.
-old saying

What a sight for sore eyes, some familiar faces from home.  Maggie's friend Charlotte finally arrived in Barrington!  I didn't realize how much I was missing home until our friends showed up.  Sure, we are on this great adventure and it may seem like we don't have time to miss anyone back home, but I do!  And I know Maggie does.  Even Olivia didn't want to leave John and Elaine's house....she grew attached very quickly.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with the Lutz family and our second visit with John and Elaine (Dana's uncle).  We took the Lutz's for a sail in the bay on a (very) breezy and beautiful afternoon.  Charlotte spent the night with us on the boat and then Maggie spent the night at Uncle John's.  Here is a photo tour of our time spent together.

Fun in the kayak

Too nice not to swim

Getting ready to sail

Kate, Charlotte, Morgan, Olivia, Maggie

Dana relaxes in the sun

It's 5 o'clock somewhere right?!


Bye Bye!

Aftermath of romping in the mudflats

Sunset at John and Elaine's

Yummy dinner for all

Maggie rides the carousal that Uncle John and Dana's dad rode growing up

Charlotte, Uncle John, Maggie, Morgan

Muddy feet!

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  1. When we took our big trip in '08 we met up with quite a few people from back home and it was such a treat. Enjoyed your July video Maggie - very well done. -Joyce