Tuesday, August 28

Seal Bay, Pulpit Harbor & Camden

The Fox Islands are part of the mid coast of Maine.  The Fox Islands Thoroughfare is a beautiful stretch of water, lined with summer cottages that separate Vinalhaven and North Haven islands. Seal Bay is located on the eastern side of Vinalhaven Island and is heavily wooded.  During our dinghy expedition, we found an old abandoned granite quarry that we later learned was used to build Boston's Museum of Fine Arts and New York's Brooklyn Bridge.
Pulpit Harbor is on the western side of North Haven Island.  Honestly, we didn't leave the boat to go into town.  The girls were set free to go to the beach, sail and kayak.  Craig and I worked on getting the brownish muck off the waterline left over from the dirty water down south.  We succeeded in getting one side done, 3 more to go!
Camden is part of the mainland and is a charming little town.  The small harbor is surrounded by shops and restaurants and filled with yachts neatly moored in tight little rows.  We spent our time in Camden reprovisioning; pumping out, filling up water and fuel tanks.  Robert and Holly generously allowed us to borrow their car so we could get to the store.
During our stay here in Maine, the weather has been picture perfect (almost, but no complaints) and every where we go is just as beautiful as the last, if not more.  Of course, with the great weather also comes very calm, non-existent sailing days.  Motoring is never as much fun as sailing because 1.) we can often go faster sailing than motoring, 2.) it's noisy with the engines rumbling and 3.) it's just a lot more fun to sail, period!

Seal Bay:  having fun with the 'kid' boat kids

Fox Islands Thoroughfare

Channel marker at low tide and a bird nest on top (I see a pattern here)

North Haven Island

Mmmm, the fresh smell of clean laundry

Olivia reading in the hammock

She lost another front tooth!  Now she knows what to ask Santa for.

Sunset in Pulpit Harbor

Arriving in Camden

This is for Craig's brother, Marty, and all you hockey fans.

We had the pleasure of meeting Robert and Holly for dinner one last time before they left Camden.  

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